We should reflect more.


We should reflect more

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Catherine Zhang

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Driven by societal norms, we constantly prematurely make up our minds, arguing for what we believe we believe. But we forget the importance of reflection.

I regret saying or doing wrong, due to incomplete decisions. Passion is a double-edged sword. It gives us reason to overcome obstacles, and it drives us tirelessly.

But when we get riled up, we tend to get carried away, and soon enough, we’ve let something ground-breaking slip, or we’ve done something regretful.

“Yolo-ing” is overrated. There’s normally not much of a deadline to meet, and we normally have an undefined amount of time to make up our minds, so we should utilize that.

Moreover, taking risks should not always be encouraged; other people are inevitably involved. The danger lies in unconditionality: the perception…

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MEMORIES : warm you up or tear you from inside .

A moment lasts for a few seconds but a memory lasts forever  and you never realize the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. 
Memories, as I said, may make you happy or they may give you fits of nostalgia. 
There are two categories of events which have happened in our lives during the past – ‘Joyous ‘ and ‘Traumatic’ 
The Joyous moments create happy memories and the Traumatic events create memories which hurt us . Every on must have experienced both of them  in their lives but every one wants to retain the happy ones in their head , unfortunately for some reason the less-than-happy-moments also stick with us life longand sometimes recalling them causes us to feel emotions similar to those we felt at the time of the trauma. 
Just imagine your life without your loved ones , how do you think it would be ? Undoubtedly , living without your friends or family would make you unhappy , but WHY ? We have got a straight  answer to this million dollar question and that is – ‘ Seperation from our dear ones causes pain because all the happiest moments we spent with them pop up again and again in our mind making us unhappy cheerless and mournfull.
“Memory is a crucial part of human identity. Maybe you think of it as just “a record of stuff that happened,” but if you don’t know where you’ve been, you can’t know who you are or where you’re going. Memories have so much power that they can even make you or break you.
Memories are wonderful. So focus on doing the htings you love each day and create good memories because you have exchaned a day of your life for it.
Trust me , it is good to loose your sanity once a week because the craziest moments create  the happiest memories for you to cherish . 

Every thing that happens in your life creates memories and maybe